Video: Frozen Yogurt Parfait Bars

Get your kids to eat more yogurt with this easy peasy Frozen Yogurt Parfait Bars recipe. The Gogopasar team used Bright Cow yogurts and the end result is so yummy! It tastes just like creamy ice cream with a burst of flavours from the yogurt and chopped fruits. A sure win on a hot sunny day!


Bright Cow greek yogurt in vanilla
Bright Cow blueberry yogurt
Fresh blueberries
Fresh strawberries (chopped)
Granola (the original recipe uses granola, but we omit this because we don’t have any! hehe)


Firstly, spread the greek yogurt in vanilla on a tray lined with baking paper and then do the same with the blueberry yogurt.

Next, put the chopped strawberries and blueberries on the yogurt spread sparingly and freeze for 4 hours. Add granola if you have some for extra texture and taste. Then cut the frozen yogurt into squares and it’s ready to serve!

Recipe Credit: Instagram @cookinwithmima

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