Monthly Archives: December 2020

The Best Asian Condiments… Pickled Chillies!

Pickled green chilli is a popular condiment for many Southeast Asian street food or noodle dishes such as Ipoh hor fun mee, Penang char kuey teow, chinese fried rice, wantan noodles or my favourite Hailam meehun (vermicelli. I’m a big fan of pickled chillies but unfortunately, not all places have pickled chillies as they prefer […]

Gogopasar Go To Zoo!

“Mari kita pergi ke zoo, bergembira di situ, makanannya sedap sehingga menjilat jari….” who else remembers this jingle?? I’m sure everyone had their own fond memory of our beloved national zoo, Zoo Negara located in Taman Zooview, Ampang . When I was smaller, I remember countless trips there such as school trips with friends, birthday […]