How To Save Your Cooking From These Common Seasoning Mistakes

Have you ever tried to cook a recipe and it doesn’t end up tasting the way you thought it would? Not all recipes are tailored to your liking but fret not, food can be fixed even when the flavours seem off! Here are some secrets to how you can revive the flavours in your cooking.

Too Spicy?

We Malaysians just love spicy food but for some, there’s such a thing as too spicy. If you’ve mistakenly added too much chilli in your cooking, you can immediately counteract it with dairy such as milk, butter, cream, yogurt or even coconut milk. The fiery chemical found in chillis called capsaicin will bind itself onto a compound found in dairy which neutralises the burn and brings down the spiciness. And for food that doesn’t involve dairy in its recipe, try shredding some cheese or even pour in some honey (depending on your dish).

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Too Salty?

When it comes to cooking, salt is our best friend in the kitchen. Usually when food tastes bland, we add a little salt. But what do you do when you’ve accidentally added too much salt? Just make more! If you’re cooking soup, add more water, if you’re stewing, just add more vegetables. By adding more ingredients, the salt will be diluted and your dish should be back on track. Another popular option is to add potatoes in your dish. The carbs in potatoes will absorb the extra salt in the dish and make it tastes much better.

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Too Sweet?

A dish that is too sweet, can easily be corrected with a squeeze of lemon or with a pinch of salt. Another trick is to add some bitterness to it, this can come from plants like kale and arugula. When cooking soup and curries, throw in some spices to balance out the sweetness. They can include peppers, chilli flakes or condiments.

Fortunately, all recipes can be saved just by adding the right ingredients. It’s all about understanding flavours and balance. Once you’ve figured this part out, you’ll find joy in cooking and nothing beats the feeling of seeing the happy faces of your loved ones cleaning everything on their plate! You’ll definitely feel like a master chef! Want to brush up your cooking skills and try out more recipes? Opt for easy peasy grocery shopping at or via our Gogopasar app without even leaving the house. We’ll get it delivered!

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