Benefits of Tempoyak

Tempoyak is a Southeast Asian condiment of Malay and Indonesian origin with many health and immunity benefits .

It is a mixture of only two ingredients, durian and salt.

Tempoyak makes for a surprisingly delicious condiment with its rich umami, earthy flavours and creamy texture resembling yellow mustard.

A traditional food, it is an acquired taste . Those who grew up with it as a staple in their daily diet of rice and side dishes in Malay and Javanese culture truly relish this potent yet healthy delicacy.

Promotes Robust Gut Health

Tempoyak is not only delicious but is full of good bacteria (probiotics) which improves digestion and bowel health.

This good bacteria in tempoyak is due to the result of the fermentation process of salt and durian.

To gain the true benefits of tempoyak, it is best eaten directly without heating or cooking to preserve good bacteria.

There are good bacteria and bad bacteria in our gut. A high amount of bad bacteria can cause an imbalance in the body and weakens the body’s immune system to eventually give in to disease.

Because tempoyak contains 7 strains of beneficial bacteria, namely, Lactobacillus, L. Plantarum, L. Fermentum, L. Crispatus, L. Reuteri, and L. Pentosus, it can counter the harmful effects of bad bacteria.

Its high anti-oxidant capacity, inhibits the growth of harmful decomposing bacteria such as E.Coli.

Delicious Savoury Flavour Minus the Calories

Tempoyak is a highly versatile condiment which can be used as a gravy base to cook meat or fish, or can be eaten just as it is.

The most famous tempoyak dish is “Patin masak tempoyak”, or Patin fish cooked in tempoyak.

Patin fish cooked in a tempoyak soup-base is a well-loved and mouth-watering dish for many Malaysians

Once the taste is acquired, it can be highly addictive for some. Luckily, with its low calories, you don’t have to worry about weight when consuming tempoyak in a variety of ways.

With these benefits, it is no wonder that South East Asian people are some of the healthiest, fittest and most youthful-looking people in the world.

Such a delightful way to detoxify yourself to good health and increase your immunity to disease!

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