Why Should You Be A Gogopreneur?

The Gogopreneur Programme gives you the freedom to work from home. Build a thriving online business with on-going support!

This entrepreneurship development programme aims to assist and develop people. If you are looking to earn a living through sales via an online business, read on further.

As a participant, you will be trained in digital marketing and business acumen for free, in order to effectively promote products sold by Gogopasar.

All you need to do is source for prospective customers and maintain your customer base. Then, encourage them to sell the products by Gogopasar consistently.

In return, you will receive commissions for every purchase made by your prospects and contacts.

Read on to learn how you can learn to be a savvy digital marketer and passively earn commissions as your prospects shop at Gogopasar.


Gogopasar’s Gogopreneur Programme was launched in February 2020. There are already several batches of Gogopreneurs since then.

Previously, earlier batches of Gogoprenuers had to pay a certain fee to enter the programme.

Now, however, participation is free for all who are interested in building their own business with added personalised digital marketing support.


Once you have registered, you have agreed to commit to a year of trainings in the form of coaching and mentoring by digital marketing specialists at Gogopasar.

This will enable you to build your online business from scratch and watch it grow exponentially with the power of social media and digital technology.

In this way, Gogopasar aims to upskill dedicated representatives of the company with a focus on sales. Anyone above the age of 18 years are encouraged to learn and pursue financial independence through their own hard work and committed determination.

While anyone can apply to participate as a Gogopreneur, this programme is also intended to provide positive social impact on the community by especially helping the B40 community, unemployed and retrenched segment of society.


  • Low Capital Setup– To become a Gogopreneur, one doesn’t need to invest any money into the business. The one main thing one needs to invest in are some hours of your day and an open and positive mind in learning new things.
  • Easy-to-sell Products The products a Gogopreneur markets and sells are essential food items or fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) products that consumers need daily such as fresh, frozen and dry groceries.
  • Low Operational Costs– As an entrepreneur working online from home, managing your own business has never been easier due to the zero payments for shop rental, utilities, inventory and overheads which usually plague other conventional businesses.
  • Attractive rewards and free gifts – If one performs excellently as a Gogopreneur by hitting the required sales targets set, then they are in the running to receive various levels of incentives in addition to the commissions they earn.
  • Fully digital business– The only tools you need to run the business effectively are a smartphone and  stable internet connection. It would greatly help if you are also social media savvy. There is no need to travel to a workplace, or meet customers face-to-face. Everything is done online using digital marketing tools to connect easily and quickly to a larger network.
  • Ready market for everyone– Each and everyone one of us has a wide variety of contact groups. All of these groups are a potential target market for the products offered by Gogopasar, thus making it a ready market for a large audience. All you need is your network of contacts and you’re ready to start in this business endeavour.

Find out more about being a Gogopreneur by reading more here.

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