Why Hotpot At Home Is The Best

Hotpot, locally known as Steamboat, is a classic favourite across all races in Malaysia.

While it originates from Chinese cuisine, other oriental Asian cultures have their own versions of it too.

In Japan, it is known as Nabe, while in Korea, it is called Jeongol. Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Philipino hotpots also have their own unique and hearty variations.

Usually, people have hotpot at the various specialty hotpot restaurants available. For a large group dining together, this is a more affordable and convenient dining option.

However, hotpot at home is even better than dining out, especially in this new normal of social distancing and safety considerations.

Here are 3 reasons why Hotpot at home is simply the best.

1-Empowering Experience

The one thing that unites all of these varieties of hotpots are the fact that the people eating are doing the cooking. Raw ingredients are presented surrounding a hot steaming pot of delicious stock in the middle and people simply have to dunk their choice of food into the broth.

At home, preparing hotpot is the easiest, especially when you want to entertain a large group. You don’t have to tire in the kitchen cooking all day and can simply wash and cut up the food ingredients to serve.

2-Experiment With Flavours

At home, you are king and you can put ANYTHING you have on hand or anything you wish into your hotpot.

Even a giant lobster can go into your hotpot at home for a fraction of the restaurant price!

Stick in a Whole Lobster for Your Hotpot at Home

Free and easy are the middle names of hotpot. Get ready-made stock packets and choose ANY ingredient of your choice to put in .

The limits are endless!

One of best parts about hotpots are the choice of dipping sauces. You can enjoy a different flavour at every bite by creating as many dipping sauces as you prefer from some basic and easily available condiments.

Also, you have the power to choose the doneness of your mouthful. Watching in anticipation as your food sizzles and steams to your preferred readiness is surely the best way to whet your appetite.

3-Communal Bonding Experience

Another reason hotpots are so much fun is that it is an active, interactive cooking and eating experience. People can easily connect and bond together in this communal setting encouraging better fellowship.

To have this fun and easy-to-prepare experience at home in the new normal, read on for the recipe and feel free to substitute ingredients with whatever you have on hand.

Seafood Hotpot Recipe


Any type of seafood ball: Fish , Squid , or Prawn (Try this : EB Steamboat 5 in 1 (500gm)

Fish or Prawn Paste 200gm

Deep Fried Fucuk 200gm

Seafood Bean Curd Roll 300gm

Spinach 300gm

Pak Choy 300gm

Your Choice of Mushrooms  200gm

Long Chinese Cabbage 300gm

Large White or Tiger Prawns 500kg

Lala Surf Clams 400gm

Snow Peas 200gm

White Radish (1)

Soup stock (spicy or plain)

Noodles of choice


Delicious dipping sauce (homemade recipe or instant)


  1. Prepare a tabletop stove and steamboat vessel. (Alternatives: Multicooker or Rice Cooker)
  2. Put it in the middle of your eating table.
  3. Fill up the pot with your favourite soup stock.
  4. Prepare eating utensils (ladles, soup bowls, side plates, individual mini strainers, forks, chopsticks and saucers for dipping sauce).
  5. Lay out and serve raw food ingredients on separate dishes to avoid cross contamination.
  6. Fill in small bowls with condiments such as chopped chili, chili oil, spring onions, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, miso paste, sesame dressing , lemon juice and honey.
  7. Turn on the hotpot to medium heat and wait until the stock starts boiling.
  8. Begin cooking the raw materials and enjoy according to your desired cooking time. Don’t forget to vary the flavours with a combination of dipping sauces. Try this delicious seafood dipping sauce recipe!

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