Simple and Satisfying Thai Dipping Sauce

Ever heard of Nam jim or Thai dipping sauce? It is an experience for the senses: salty, sweet, spicy and sour.

It is so addictive that it will keep you coming back for more with tears in your eyes.

Simply take any steamed, fried, grilled or boiled seafood, meats and vegetables to the next level by dipping them in Nam jim sauce and transport yourself to epic flavour and spice heaven!

In Thailand, they use this sauce to accompany their hotpots too. Mostly, the Thais love to use this sauce to eat raw seafood.

This simple and super delicious recipe for making nam jim dipping sauce will definitely hit the nom nom sweet spot.

All you need to do are combine just a few ingredients, adjust to your own taste and you’re good to go.


3 Big Red chillies

3 Fresh coriander roots

Red chilis small (add to your preferred spice level)

2 pips Garlic

Sugar – 1 tablespoon


Fish sauce – half cup

Soy sauce – half cup

Lemon juice – quarter cup

A delightful accompaniment to grilled or steamed seafood and meat – so quick and easy to make


  1. Grind chilis, coriander root , sugar and garlic.
  2. Add sauces and combine well.
  3. You can add or reduce ingredients according to preference.

Estimated Cost : RM5

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