Easy Chinese New Year Recipes for 2022

Are you looking for some easy yet delicious dinner recipes for Chinese New Year this year of the Tiger?  

During festival celebrations, many busy working mums spend so much time and effort in the kitchen preparing the feast that they become too exhausted to actually celebrate with the family afterwards.

Stay present with your family this year. Prepare great and impressive meals with minimal effort. Nobody else needs to know that but you.

Choosing the right recipes that are time-effective, simple yet impressive is key. Read on for easy and auspicious recipes that take only minutes to prepare and are guaranteed to impress with less stress.

CNY Lobster Noodles

CNY Lobster Noodles look difficult but are actually super easy

When can you splurge and go all out if not during family gatherings and new year celebrations? These lobster noodles is an auspicious and luxurious dish you can serve – the red vibrant colours of cooked lobsters will perk up your dinner table and definitely impress. Follow this trending recipe which is delicious and amazingly simple to make.

Steamed Siakap

Easy and delicious Steamed Siakap for a quick and substantial meal

This steamed fish takes minutes to prepare yet looks impressive and feeds 3-4 people depending on the size of fish used. Simply steam the fish and mix the sauce and add together! Check out the recipe here.

Stir-fry Broccoli Mushroom

Stir fried broccoli and mushrooms look delightful and is delish with the velvety and luxurious oyster sauce

With the smooth umami flavour of oyster sauce and succulent mushrooms and the combination of crunchy sweet stir-fried broccoli, this mouth-watering dish will disappear within seconds of being served. Get the recipe here.

Super Quick Korean Spinach Side Dish

Get a big bunch of spinach and make this easily and quickly

This vegetable dish is a great way to get fussy eaters to down greens. With a tasteful amount of garlic, salt and pepper with a sprinkling of sesame oil and seeds, it is a great and easy way to make use of large amounts of spinach and get the most of the nutrients found in green leafy greens. Get the recipe here.

Huat Hotpot/ Steamboat

Gathering around a delicious hotpot is a fun and bonding experience

Simply lay out the raw materials, eating utensils and various dipping sauces and just turn on the stock pot. That’s how easy hotpot is especially for a large group. No need to figure out what to serve , just lay it all out and let people choose to their preference. get more inspiration for hotpot here. Dont forget to include a spicy and must-have dipping sauce to go with it. Get ideas for a well-loved Thai dipping sauce here.

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