3 Ways To Give Back To Your Community

Our community has been left in a state of chaos with many people going through a myriad of struggles at this moment in their lives.

In addition to COVID-19 and the multiple Movement Control Orders (MCO), natural disasters such as floods and landslides have resulted in thousands of businesses  shutting down or going bankrupt and billions of ringgit worth in losses.

While some local businesses have temporarily closed, others have permanently discontinued their business. This has spelt out mass numbers of people losing their jobs amid this challenging  time when having an income is vital.

It’s during these trying times that we must come together and lend a helping hand to those who have been affected heavily.

Here are three ways you can give back to your community and help out during this unprecedented time:

1. Donate

This is our opportunity to serve our community and  perform charity. Even from the convenience of your smartphone, you can send your care to those in need in times of social distancing and where some locations pose a challenge in terms of accessibility. Sadaqah does not require us to be a rich person but from a sincere heart and rich in sympathy for others.

NGOs like Peace Foundation, Mercy Malaysia or the UNHCR have websites for the public to donate money directly to refugees, orang asli or anyone else who has been affected by these trying times.

Kitajaga.co, a website portal that connects those in need to those able to help, is another amazing way for us to quickly reach out to those in need directly within your community. Simply log on to their site and turn on your location services for the platform to connect you to those near you.

A clear mind comes a clean and clear space. This is why decluttering is a healthy way to maintain your environment and also help others who are less fortunate. Give away your  furniture, clothes, blankets, cushions and mattresses to flood victims who have lost their homes and belongings and they will be so grateful for your support.

Another way you can donate is to buy groceries and food and send them to the various food banks organised by  various religious houses of worship, like mosques, temples and gurdwaras. You can also deliver these items via any last-mile delivery service if you wish to maintain social distancing during the pandemic.

2. Raise Awareness

If you can’t afford to donate, you can raise awareness for any fundraising efforts or organisations that champion human rights.

This can further spread the word for other people to support these efforts. You can even post and share messages of appreciation and support for any civic-minded civilian who has risked their lives  to help victims of the recent floods and help the  nation combat the coronavirus.

 It only takes a few minutes if not seconds of your time to share. It doesn’t  cost a dime to hit the share button!

3. Support Local Businesses

Local traditional businesses with no online presence have been most affected by the various MCOs since March as they receive little to no customers at all.  Nevertheless, we can help them remain operational throughout crisis by supporting them.

A great example would be to buy from your local mom and pop store which can also save your time since they tend to be less crowded than some large supermarkets. Support your local businesses by buying your food take-aways from local side stalls, small food stalls or your favourite hawker stalls.

Of course, there are also alternatives like buying food and groceries online from local eateries and small businesses through platforms like Dahmakan, Beep, Delivereat, and Grab. This also isn’t limited to food.

Online grocery shopping is becoming more commonplace now. Take for example, Gogopasar, an online grocery app, has their own drivers and local suppliers.

To serve this urgent need and to provide an avenue for anyone to help those in need, Gogopasar created GOGOCARE, a CSR initiative for anyone who would like to ‘deliver’ a helping hand in times of need.

Gogocare does all the leg-work while you fulfil your part in giving to society by simply clicking at the link on your smartphone to donate.

The Gogocare initiative has prepared various Relief packages that corporations, organisations and even individuals can send to anyone or any group of people they know who might be needing access to  staple food supplies and water. Flood Relief, Immunity Packages and MCO Relief food  and care baskets are some of the items available to add to our community’s food bank efforts.

If you enjoy shopping online, make purchases from your local retailers like Gogopasar or subscribe to online services from local markets. It would mean the world to people who lost so much as our small contribution could be the deciding factor in keeping their business alive.

Under Gogocare , we offer a platform for the public to contribute together in the form of food basket packages to those in need. Every donation given will be channelled to recipients in collaboration with various agencies, ngos and participating bodies.Here are some examples of food basket packages offered :

Click on this link to fill in the Gogocare order form and place your orders today.

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Protect yourself from COVID-19 by staying home, staying safe, and increasing your immunity by eating fibre-rich foods. 

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