7 Reasons To Shop Online At Gogopasar

Shopping online for groceries is definitely a game-changer.

We’ve all been there:

  • Leaving the supermarket parking lot only to remember you forgot to pick up the one thing you needed most.
  • The frustration of going outside to shop only to find the item you want is out of stock
  • The dread of having to carry a heavy load of stuff like bags of rice and big bottles of oil for your big family and no one to help you with your bad back
  • When your kids want to follow you to the store and buy everything there and throw a tantrum when you say ‘no’
  • social distance restrictions and Covid SOPs that slow down everything when you are in a rush to get dinner on the table

The list of tiresome offline shopping issues are endless!

Despite the fact that Gogopasar’s retail farmers market outlet, Marché, provides a more convenient and delightful shopping experience for our customers, we recognise that going to the grocery store on a weekly basis takes time away from doing the things you enjoy.

This is why Gogopasar proudly provides the convenience of online grocery shopping with delivery to your door.

But let me remind you, shopping with Gogopasar is not like other grocery delivery services out there.

With our own drivers and end-to-end supply chain network, we are a step above when it comes to quality. Plus, we also stop and care for those around us who are not doing so good, to give a helping hand.

Read on for 7 reasons why you should purchase online groceries with Gogopasar:

1-DISCOUNTS weekly

Every week at Gogopasar, we will have exciting and various promos to promote new items we are selling. Take for example, the latest addition to our family- the Nanka Plant-Based burger patties. We ran a vegetarian promo week to feature this exciting product to get more Malaysians to eat healthy and choose more energising plant-based options in their meals.

2-FREE delivery

What is better than weekly discounts? Free delivery of course. If you buy more than RM50 to cart, you are qualified for free delivery. Please make sure you click on the free delivery check box to claim your free delivery, if not the system will charge you automatically.

3-SECURE packaging

When we deliver fresh and frozen items to your doorstep, we package them in secure, vacuum sealed packaging, to ensure freshness and quality. Take for example, when you receive prawns or fish, they come fresh from the supplier and we wash them clean for you and vacuum seal them up in high grade resilient packaging. No leaks, no tears, no mess!

Tilapia is cleaned and vacuum sealed before delivery in good quality packaging.

4- RELIABLE service

When we say we are delivering today, we deliver! As long as you are informed properly of our terms and conditions, you won’t be disappointed!

So let us remind you here: Order before 10am, and get your items the same evening from between 3-6pm. Order AFTER 10am, and get your orders the next day same time, 3-6pm.  

Let me give you an example. Let’s say you want to cook lunch tomorrow. The best time to order from Gogopasar to ensure you have items ready for lunch will be to order items BEFORE 10am, the day before aka today. If you order items AFTER 10am today, you will only get the items ready to cook for dinner tomorrow by 6pm at the latest.

By being properly informed of these timings, you will save yourself a lot of anxiety and help us manage your expectations better.

5- SAFETY from large crowds

These days, having close contact with someone who is positive is very common, due to the fast-spreading Omicron strain. Fortunately, however, according to a report by McKinsey and company, early evidence shows that this strain is less severe than Delta. Serious worst-case scenarios such as stage 4 infections are happening less and even have been avoided.

Nevertheless, many of us are finding that we are back to staying home and working from home again these past few weeks due to the rising daily cases. It is time to start buying groceries online to avoid large crowds.

Furthermore, buying from Gogopasar ensures that your grocery items come direct from suppliers, with minimal handling. Because our agro supply chain process is end-to-end, meaning we don’t engage with middle men aka the retail shops, our products come in pristine condition- safe from being held and touched by a crowd of shoppers.

6- QUALITY products

We only deliver the freshest and cleanest products to your doorstep. Gogopasar ensures that fresh seafood, meat and poultry especially, are packaged in a ‘sertu’ environment.

This means that they are prepared and cleaned within spaces which observe strict standards of hygiene following Islamic purification measures to ensure food safety and preservation.

Also, because we want the best for our customers, we also take time and effort to choose our external suppliers carefully, ensuring they align with our values and sustainability principles. Only the best from the best for our customers. Take for example, our latest addition , our range of organic chicken by Delima in various packs and choice pieces, ready-cut for your convenience.

Local organic chicken at Gogopasar is available now!

Being a subsidiary of FGV Integrated Farmings Holdings Berhad (FGVIF), Gogopasar adheres to strict agro supply chain standards. Take, for instance, our high quality fruit products from Ladang ’57, a supplier under FGVIF. These high quality fruit produce go through careful procedures from farm to doorstep to ensure quality is maintained at every level. They use farming best practices that comply with guidelines from the Department of Agriculture to ensure a bountiful and pure harvest for all to enjoy.

Ladang’57 fruits include Cavendish Bananas, MD2 Pineapple and Harumanis Mangoes, all fully farmed and owned by Malaysians for Malaysians.

7-We LISTEN to our customers

Gogopasar cares. We persevere through all these various measures and safety standards for our customers’ safety for them to be able to provide safe and healthy food for their family.

We understand that nobody is perfect, and that we constantly endeavour to serve you, our customer better.  This is why we are sharing our feedback form with every purchase for you to share your thoughts for us to serve you better in future.

All this care and attention at such reasonable and affordable prices too!

So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of our awesome deals today, as items are selling like hot cakes!

Shop now before items run out at our Pay day SALES happening NOW until 7 March 2022.

Enjoy discounts of up to 20% and SAVE on groceries and enjoy healthy quality meals.

At the swipe of your fingertips, shop anywhere and anytime from our Gogopasar website or app for a seamless and money-saving online shopping experience!

Order BEFORE 10am for same day delivery.

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