3 Reasons to Love Gogopasar’s Sales Promos

The best kind of grocery shopping happens when you’re inspired by a great sale which offers you great savings.

A worthwhile sale helps you save money on groceries which can save you thousands each year. Also, saving on groceries doesn’t have to mean skimping on delicious meals or depriving yourself of quality produce.

As Julia Child says, “ You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces- just use fresh and good quality ingredients with simple cooking methods and you will be spellbound!”

This is especially true if you shop online at Gogopasar for fresh ingredients.

Every week, we get new supplies of fresh seafood, chicken, farm produce and dry larder goods. By offering our weekly promos and discounts, we want more people within the Klang Valley to enjoy healthy, affordable and quality raw ingredients from the comfort of their home as we are not only a digital tech startup but also a social enterprise.

Gogopasar cares for this nation and as a subsidiary of FGV Integrated Farming Holdings Berhad (FGVIF), food security is exactly why we are here today. As the digital arm of FGVIF which is a major player in the Malaysian agro supply chain industry, Gogopasar aims to deliver our best, especially during the tough times when people have lost so much due to the recent floods, landslides and pandemic.

Here are 3 reasons you will fall in love with our amazing weekly offers.

1. Hari-Hari Jimat

Hari-Hari Jimat happens mid-month from the 10th til 20th of every month and features grocery food staples such as rice, oil, fresh chicken, and dry goods to fulfill the savings needs of the market while providing quality packaging, quality products and free delivery.

This month, Hari-Hari Jimat is having our Work From Home edition to cater to the rising positive cases which resulted in many opting to work from home. Additionally, the heavy rains and floods within the city centre in the last few weeks left many stranded, which forced people to stay home.


2. Pay Day Sales

Every end of the month starting from the 25th til 7th, we have our Pay Day Sales to cater to those who are looking to stock up on their kitchen essentials in bulk.

Pay day is usually when people get to splurge on items they love and enjoy better meals. This is a great time to stock up on essential groceries for the month especially if you get discounts that help you save up.

Every end of the month, customers who are looking to replenish on essentials will get so much added value at a fraction of what they usually pay at other places. Our offer of high-quality packaging, fresh new stock arrivals and free delivery are the most competitive in the market.

3. Weekly Discounts

Whenever we are feeling generous, this is the time we organize weekly discounts, as a way to give back to society and manage excess. We offer competitive and even crazy prices that will blow your mind. Every week at Gogopasar, our exciting and various promos aims to encourage you to experience the latest quality items and reliable delivery service we offer. And we get to help our community and reduce wastage at the same time! Talk about a win-win situation.

For example, for every alternate month last year, we offered fresh chicken at RM1 ringgit for people at the height of the pandemic, when so many lost jobs and went bankrupt due to the movement controls and restrictions. With mouths to feed and bills to pay without money coming in, the mental health of many business owners especially in the hospitality, tourism and entertainment industry were affected.

We Mean Business

Only within 5 days of our inaugural Hari-Hari Jimat promotional launch, we received overwhelming response, showing that people really appreciate and trust the Gogopasar brand to deliver on quality, reliability and freshness.

Here are some testimonials from our customers:

“It’s like buying from a high-end grocery at a fraction of the costs! The packaging that I received was really high quality, my chicken came fresh and the vegetables were in great condition! It’s really worth every penny because the discounts and free delivery beats other grocers I’ve tried” -Fara A., fulltime homemaker.

“The prawns that came were so fresh and for the amount I paid, I will be coming back for more because my old supermarket charges me triple of what I paid with Gogopasar for the same type of quality. I love the free delivery too!” – Maya K., working mother.

“Very worth the price and value that I got” – Vimala, teacher.

It is no wonder that Gogopasar is one of the top 3 Malaysian online groceries as mentioned in an article by tehtalk.com.

Try us today and see how much you can save for groceries at our current Hari Hari Jimat- Work From Home edition which started on the 10th of March and ends on the 20th of March 2022.

Hurry up! Log on to our website for the Hari-Hari Jimat Promo. Things are flying off our warehouse racks and chillers fast, especially the chicken!

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Protect yourself from COVID-19 by staying home, staying safe, and increasing your immunity by eating more fresh veges and antioxidant-rich foods. 

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