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How To Save Your Cooking From These Common Seasoning Mistakes

Have you ever tried to cook a recipe and it doesn’t end up tasting the way you thought it would? Not all recipes are tailored to your liking but fret not, food can be fixed even when the flavours seem off! Here are some secrets to how you can revive the flavours in your cooking. […]


PREP TIME : 10 minutes COOK TIME: 5 minutes TOTAL TIME: 15 minutes (Probably wallop it in seconds! It’s that delicious!) WHAT IS NEEDED: 250-300 grams of beef tenderloin, or flank steak cut into pieces 175grams of broccoli florets water for boiling 2 tablespoons oil 5cm ginger (peeled and sliced) MARINADE: 1/2 tablespoon soy sauce […]